Physik-Projekt-Tage 2018

22.08.2018 bis 25.08.2018

Die Physik-Projekt-Tage (PPT) sind ein Workshop-Angebot der Sektion Physik der CAU Kiel und richtet sich an Schülerinnen der Oberstufe in Schleswig-Holstein mit Interesse an Naturwissenschaften. Die Teilnehmerinnen werden selbst Experimente durchführen und in einem kleinen Team an einem Projekt ihrer Wahl forschen.


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Computational Studies on the Volume of Activated Tissue in Deep Brain Stimulation, Prof. Dr. Ursula van Rienen, Universität Rostock

06.09.2018 ab 17:00

Technische Fakultät, Gebäude D, Kaisterstraße 2, Aquarium


Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) is a widely used neuronal stimulation therapy for movement disorders like Parkinson’s disease and dystonias. Simulation studies can help for a deeper understanding of this therapy and, in future, for a patient-specific therapy planning aiming to prevent side effects as well. On the other hand, simulations can help e.g. to optimally select stimulation parameters in animal models.

The dielectric properties of biological tissue are based on experimental data and are subject to uncertainty, which arises from difficulties associated with the measuring process such as electrode polarisation at low frequencies, changes in the conditions of the tissue samples post mortem, and inter-individual variations. Based on the current state of measurement techniques for the dielectric properties of biological tissue, it can be assumed that uncertainty in these measurements and the resulting tissue properties will be a non-negligible factor, which has to be considered in computational models of bio-electrical applications.

In this contribution, we will introduce to the simulation pipeline to compute the Volume of Tissue Activated for a human model including uncertainty quantification and show some exemplary simulation results.


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