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«My research focusses on comparative morphology, bionics and insect-plant interactions. I’m particularly intrigued by the structure and biomechanics of surfaces, which work as removable adhesive systems. In cooperation with other research centres and companies I have developed methods and devices, with which mechanical properties of biological materials can be measured. I want to understand, how biological structures and surfaces work, so their basic principles can be applied in the production of bionic materials and surfaces.»

Stanislav N. Gorb. Since 2008 Professor for Functional Morphology and Biomechanics at Kiel University. 2002 habilitation at Schmalhausen Institute for Zoology, Kiev, Ukraine. 2002 C3 group leader at Max Planck Institute (MPI) for Metal Research in Stuttgart. 1999 establishment of a BMBF research group at MPI for Development Biology in Tübingen. 1991 doctoral degree in Kiev, Ukraine.

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  • 12:00: KiNSIS Colloquium: Dynamical Networks - A Primer (Hermann Kohlstedt, Chair of Nanoelectronics, CAU)
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  • 16:15: Nanooptics in the electron microscope (Prof. Dr. Mathieu Kociak, Université Paris Sud, France)
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  • 16:00: Multiscale modeling of magnetorheological elastomers: From magneto-mechanical actuators to magneto-electric sensors (Prof. Dr.-Ing. Marc-André Keip, Uni Stuttgart)
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  • 16:15: What can we “learn” from atoms? (Prof. Alexander Ako Khajetoorians, Radboud University, Netherlands)
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  • 17:00: Translational Breath Research for Clinical Diagnosis and Therapeutic Monitoring (Pablo Sinues, University of Basel)
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  • 16:15: Inaugural lecture: Theory and simulation of strongly correlated plasmas and dense matter (Dr. Hanno Kählert, ITAP, CAU)
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  • 17:00: Leben auf Exoplaneten? 1. Akt (Prof. Dr. Ruth Schmitz-Streit, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang J. Duschl, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Lüning)
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