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Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Eric Beitz

Gutenbergstraße 76, R. C A 108
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Pharmaceutical/Medicinal Chemistry
Institute of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences


»The importance of the water balance in the human body is particularly evident, when it is impaired. This is true for dysfunctional kidneys, which instead of excreting two liters of urine excrete five to ten times the amount, as it is the case with people suffering from Diabetes insipidus. The same is true for glaucoma, where the intraocular pressure rises and consequently affects the optic nerve. Special water canals in the cells’ membranes are important for the water balance of the cells. They are protein molecules called aquaporines, which form water-conducting canals through the cells’ membranes. I'm interested in the canals’ protein structure, their functionality and their mechanisms of regulation and selection. With their many functions in the human body these water canals are potential targets for pharmaceutical agents. Parasites have water canals, too. We have identified, cloned and characterized the canals of the malaria virus, so we can block them in the future in order to prevent the parasites from spreading.«

Eric Beitz. Professor for Pharmaceutical Chemistry at Kiel University since 2006. Born in Mainz, Germany. Studied pharmacy at Johannes-Gutenberg-University Mainz. Received his doctorate degree in 1997 at Eberhard-Karls-University Tübingen. Postdoc at Johns-Hopkins-University in Baltimore, Maryland/USA. 2004 habilitation at Tübingen University.

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  • 12:00: KiNSIS Colloquium: Dr. Eiken Friedrichsen, Leitung CAU-Referat Forschungsinformationssystem
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  • 16:00: Touch-free Cardiovascular Monitoring – Microwave Technology as Key for Novel Diagnostic Approaches (Alexander Kölpin, TUHH Hamburg)
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  • 17:00: Benchside to Bedside: Imaging agents for cancer diagnosis (Garima Singh, ROTOP Pharmaka GmbH)
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  • 16:00: Neuronal connectivity and computations in olfactio (Rainer W. Friedrich, Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research, Switzerland)
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