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KiNSIS Young Academy has started

Mar 26, 2021

Organisational teamThe KiNSIS Young Academy was launched with a kick-off meeting on 22 March 2021. The programme "by doctoral researchers for doctoral researchers" wants to support to doctoral researchers in the nano and surface sciences and foster the exchange between them, for example to find cooperation partners for their own research topics. The first events are already starting in the summer semester, and additional support for the organisational team is always welcome. Read more

"We want to include those into KiNSIS who are doing the large part of the daily research work: you, the doctoral researchers," said Professor Kai Rossnagel, KiNSIS spokesperson for the physics, in his welcome adress to nearly 50 participants of the Kick-Off. He emphasised the added value of interdisciplinary cooperation for research, especially to pursue major issues in the fields of health, energy and information technology. In KiNSIS, he said, this is not only visible in the large-scale collaborations such as the Collaborative Research Centres 1261 "Biomagnetic Sensing" and 1461 "Neuroelectronics" and the Research Training Group 2154 "Materials for Brain", but also in the daily work between individual working groups and departments. Exchange is the basis of cooperations beyond one's own research questions and methods, and promoting this with formats such as the Young Academy right at the beginning of a scientific career is a central aim of KiNSIS. The Academy is one of the pillars of KiNSIS' work with young researchers, alongside the annual doctoral prizes and project fundings. "Last but not least, we look forward to your fresh ideas to further develop our research focus together," Rossnagel encouraged the doctoral students to participate.  

In setting up the KiNSIS Young Academy, the young researchers are deliberately involved at an early stage. "How can we design this offer so it benefits you best?" asked the initiator Professor Martina Gerken at the beginning of the kick-off meeting. "Which events would you like to participate in yourself? What would help you in the process of writing your thesis in addition to the usual offerings?" With the Academy, the organisational team does not want to set up parallel structures to existing offers. "We want to work closely together with the Graduate Center and the Postdoc Center and create meaningful additions for special content requirements in the nano and surface sciences," emphasised Professor Ilka Parchmann from the Leibniz Institute for Science and Mathematics Education (IPN), part of the organising team. This also includes gaining practical experience through co-organising activities, which can be helpful for one's own scientific career.  

Spatial Chat Room Networking
At the kick-off, the participants and the organising team discussed possible measures on the online video platform Here they could move freely between four virtual topic rooms on Events, Structure & Networking, Training Measures and Diversity & Internationalisation and talk to different groups. The doctoral researchers suggested, for example, laboratory visits to other working groups, an overview of the scientific methods from colleagues that could help with ones own research questions, or lectures from alumni of their own subject area. In addition to that the advantages of different disciplinary and cultural backgrounds were also discussed: They can provide new perspectives on solutions or valuable contacts for international cooperation or research stays.

Most of all the participants wished for regular, informal exchange possibilities. After the kick-off meeting, an active group of participants set up an OLAT group with various topic chats to promote discussion and get to know each other. From 9 April, they will also organize a joint virtual lunch break every fortnight on Fridays, 12:00 noon, which is open to all interested parties. A larger face-to-face event is also planned for later in the year - hopefully!

Interested parties are always welcome to join the OLAT course, make their own suggestions or participate in the implementation of activities.

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