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19.04.2021 Kiel University starts teaching in the first European Master’s program on electromobility
EU supports the joint degree program of four universities with more than 3 million euros within its Erasmus Mundus program

12.04.2021: Kieler Universität präsentiert sich auf der Hannover Messe
Vier innovative Projekte stellen sich vom 12. bis 16. April auf den virtuellen Messeständen der WTSH vor

22.03.2021: How in­sect wings with­stand col­li­sions
Researchers from Kiel University want to transfer design strategies of insect wings to technical applications

18.03.2021: Like an ar­ti­fi­cial ner­vous sys­tem
Interdisciplinary research team in RTG “Materials for Brain” produces extremely conductive hydrogel for medical applications

16.03.2021: Snail teeth under stress
Research team from Kiel University and the University of Hamburg publishes the first biomechanical study on the performance of snail teeth

12.02.2021: Fully supportive, yet mobile, splints
Research team from Kiel University develops joint splints for sports and medicine inspired by dragonfly wings

11.01.2021: The European Union is funding the development of analytical electron microscopy with five million euro
Eight European partners involving Kiel University started consortium on Electron Beams Enhancing Analytical Microscopy (EBEAM)

04.01.2021: How to Untie Magnetic Nano-Knots
Scientists from Aachen, Kiel and Reykjavik publish results on Skyrmions in the journal Nature Physics


Wie sich magnetische Nanoknoten lösen

Wissenschaftler aus Aachen, Kiel und Reykjavik veröffentlichen Forschungsergebnisse in Fachzeitschrift Nature Physics


Press releases


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  • all day: KiNSIS Colloquium: KiNSIS Benchmarking (Prof. Dr. Malte Behrens, Inorganic Solid State Chemistry, CAU)
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  • 16:15: Quantum carpets: A tool to observe decoherence (Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schleich, University Ulm)
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  • all day: NanoTech Poland 2021
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  • all day: NanoTech Poland 2021
  • 16:00: Toward an objective assessment of mobility in clinical and daily activity assessments (Arash Atrsaei, EPFL)
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  • all day: NanoTech Poland 2021
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  • 16:15: Femtosecond science on-chip: Capturing light-induced anomalous Hall currents in graphene (Dr. James McIver, Max Planck Institute for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter)
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  • 17:00: Chemie in unterschiedlichen Dimensionen - von Molekülen über supramolekulare Aggregate zu optoelektronischen Bauteilen (Prof. Dr. Arne Lützen, Uni Bonn)
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  • 12:30: KiNSIS Transfer Lunch: Dr. Mindaugas Bulota, Head of National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre, Kaunas University of Technology (KTU), Lithuania „Technology transfer practices and success cases at KTU"
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  • 16:15: The present and future of ESA's science program (Prof. Dr. Günther Hasinger, Director of Science, ESA)
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  • 16:00: CRC 1461_006
  • 17:00: Leading beyond Chemistry: Research and Development at Evonik Industries AG (Dr. Felix Müller, Evonik Industries AG)
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  • 16:15: Plasma 2020 – The US National Academies Decadal Assessment of Plasma Physics: Overview and Future Research Opportunities (Prof. Dr. Mark J. Kushner, University of Michigan)
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