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Faculty award for a dissertation from the CRC 677

Jul 23, 2020

Alexander SchlimmFor his outstanding dissertation on functional molecules on gold surfaces, the inorganic chemist Dr. Alexander Schlimm received one of the two Faculty Awards 2019 of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. He completed his Ph.D. supervised by Professor Felix Tuczek within the Collaborative Research Centre 677 "Function by Switching", which was funded by the German Research Foundation DFG from 2007 to 2019. "My work focused on transition metal complexes for the activation of small molecules, as well as photoswitchable molecules, which can also serve as components of ultra-small molecular machines. Using extremely sensitive analytical methods, I was able to investigate adsorbate-substrate interactions in particular," summarises Schlimm. With his results, Schlimm has contributed considerably to a better understanding of such systems. He is thus providing new insights into the field of heterogeneous catalysis and the realisation of molecular electronics. More

"I really enjoyed the numerous opportunities and varied cooperations - from measurements at the electron storage ring in Paris to a conference visit in Shanghai. I am very grateful to the university, the SFB, my cooperation partners and above all my doctoral supervisor Mr. Tuczek, it was a great collaboration with him," says Schlimm about his time at the CAU.

From 2010 to 2015 Schlimm studied chemistry at Kiel University, obtaining a bachelor’s and a master’s degree. Here he completed his dissertation in 2019 with the title "Transition Metal Complexes for Surface Deposition and Photoswitchable Self-Assembled Monolayers on Au (111): Surface Spectroscopic Characterization". During the third funding phase of the CRC, Schlimm coordinated the Integrated Research Training Group from 2015 to 2019. As part of the qualification of young researchers, he organized conferences, workshops and alumni lectures to expand key qualifications and strengthen networking in the CRC. Schlimm is now laboratory manager at the pharmaceutical company Lichtenheldt GmbH in Schleswig-Holstein.

Usually at CAU, the best dissertations of a year are presented at a joint grand award ceremony held by all faculties. "However, on the occasion of the Corona pandemic, we have decided, with a heavy heart, to forego the usual presentation of the prizes at a ceremony," Professor Anja Pistor-Hatam, Vice President for Academic Affairs, International Affairs and Diversity, regarding this year's award ceremony. Therefore, all prize winners received their certificates by post. The faculty prizes are endowed with 1,000 euros each.

Press release of the CAU (in German) 21.07.2020

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