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Anna McConnell receives first Early Career Award at the KiNSIS Retreat

Oct 02, 2020

award ceremonyFor her particularly innovative and interdisciplinary research on molecular cages Jun-Prof. Dr. Anna McConnell receives the first KiNSIS Early Career Award. The award comes with 5,000 euros, which can be used, for example, for support staff, travel, software or consumables. Prof. Dr. Norbert Stock, who is responsible for the area of Nano Chemistry within the KiNSIS Board, presented McConnell with the prize at this year's KiNSIS retreat, which took place from 29-30 September 2020 at the Nordseeakademie Leck. At the strategic meeting she presented her research and future plans to the about 35 participants. McConnell was also able to convince with a "Micro Proposal" and received additional funding of 2,000 euros. More

At the Otto Diels Institute of Organic Chemistry she investigates the design of molecular cages for binding other molecules and releasing them in a targeted manner - for example, to transport medicinal substances. She wants to find out how these cages assemble themselves and how they can be broken open by external stimuli such as light or temperature. McConnell, who came to Kiel from the University of Cambridge four years ago, is working together with colleagues from various fields of chemistry and physics, both within KiNSIS and in international contexts. Among other things, she intends to use the prize money to establish an international network of young researchers on her research topic.

KiNSIS launched the Early Career Support Programme in the summer semester of 2020 to support young scientists from the nano and surface science at the beginning of their careers - and thus, not least, to create new impulses for KiNSIS. In addition to the Early Career Award, the programme also includes support for individual research projects ("Micro Proposals", 2,000 euros each) and national and international research stays (2,000 euros each). The funding programme is to be announced annually, with the next call for proposals expected at the beginning of 2021. It is aimed at CAU scientists who have completed their Ph.D. in the nano or surface science and are pursuing particularly interdisciplinary or unconventional projects. They can apply either themselves or upon proposal of a KiNSIS member. The speaker group decides on the applications.

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An overview of the funded early career researchers 2020

Early Career Award (5.000 Euro)

  •     Dr. Anna McConnell (Chemie): “Functional Stimuli-Responsive Supramolecular Systems”

Microproposals (je 2.000 Euro)

  •     Dr. Anna McConnell (Chemie): “Functional Stimuli-Responsive Cages”
  •     Dr. Chao Li (Physik): “Controllable spin-state switching of single-molecule magnets”
  •     Dr. Shane Scott (Life Science): “Towards Cellular Scaffolds with Dynamic Viscoelastic Properties”
  •     Dr. Fabian Schütt (Ingenieurwissenschaft): “Solid dispersions of luminescent materials as laser-powered white light source”

Lab Exchange (2.000 Euro)

  •     Dr. Judith Golda (Physik): „Developing a new plasma diagnostic technique: phaseresolved optical absorption spectroscopy (PROAS)“, Forschungsaufenthalt an der University of Minnesota, Arbeitsgruppe von Prof. Peter J. Bruggeman
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