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New members of KiNSIS

Jul 26, 2019

newAt the general assembly of this summer term the members of KiNSIS decided about the admission of new members. On May 10th, the following new members were welcomed

  • Janka Held-Feindt, Department of Neurosurgery, University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein, Campus Kiel. Held-Feindt is the leader of the project P8 „Neuroimplants for glioblastoma therapy“ within the Graduiertenkolleg 2154 „Materials for Brain“.
  • Huayna Terraschke, Institute of Inorganic Chemistry (Department of Chemistry), Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. Terraschke was appointed for the tenure track professorship for Photoactive Inorganic Nanomaterials
  • Stephan Wulfinghoff, Institute for material science, Faculty of Engineering. Wulfinghoff was appointed for the KiNSIS-professorhsip for „Computational Materials Science“ in August 2018.


Kieler Woche: International Guest Talks from the Nano Sciences

Jul 18, 2019

TalkIt it the largest summer festival in Northern Europe: During the “Kieler Woche” scientists from all over the world are invited to present their research topics at the campus of Kiel University – next to the sailing competitions and entertaining events. The talks are open to the public. This year members of KiNSIS member Prof. Olaf Magnussen, Prof. Rainer Herges and Prof. Lorenz Kienle invited two colleagues and long-time cooperation partners from the nano sciences covering the fields of physics, chemistry and material sciences. On June 25 Prof. Dr. Ion Tiginyanu, Technical University of Moldova gave a talk at the Faculty of Engineering entitled „New Avenues for Exploration and Applications of Gallium Nitride and related materials“. In the Audimax Philippe Allongue of École Polytechnique Palaiseau, Paris talked on June 25 about “Electrochemical approaches to control the magnetism of ultrathin films” and on June 26 about “Photoswitching kinetics of photochromic molecules immobilized on silicon surfaces”.

Rainer Herges awarded with the Rudolf-Gompper-Memorial-Lecture

May 17, 2019

Awarding KOPO LectureProf. Dr. Rainer Herges, Spokesperson of the CRC 677 “Function by Switching“ received the Rudolf-Gompper-Memorial-Lecture. The professor for Organical Chemistry was honoured for his research on functional pi-systems, especially the spin switches and molecular machines. Herges is already the 8th winner of this renowed award, that reminds of the German organic chemist Rudolf Gompper. The scientific committee of the Conjugated Oligomers and Polymers Conference (KOPO) awards the prize every two years to outstanding scientist that contributed to the field of organic conductive materials and conjugated polymers on an international level. Herges gave the lecture related to the award on May 8th 2019 during the Conference KOPO in Bad Honnef, organized by the University of Bonn.  

New spokepersons elected

May 14, 2019

New group of spokespersonsOn May 10th the general assembly of KiNSIS elected three new spokespersons. As of now Prof. Dr. Jeffrey McCord (Nano Engineering) and Prof. Dr. Kai Rossnagel (Nano Physics) represent the interests of the core research area KINSIS. Prof Dr. Norbert Stock (Nano Chemistry) is new deputy spokesperson next to Prof. Dr. Ingolf Cascorbi (Nano Life Science) who was elected in 2017 and will remain in office for one more year. After the regular termination of their second term  Prof. Dr. Rainer Adelung (Nano Engineering), Prof. Dr. Olaf Magnussen (Nano Physics) and Prof. Dr. Felix Tuczek (Nano Chemistry) left the group of spokespersons, thanked by the members. They had been spokespersons of the fourth core research area of Kiel University. The group of spokespersons is elected by the KiNSIS members for a term of three years. Re-election is possible.

Nano Science from Kiel at Hannover Messe

May 14, 2019

Hannover MesseFrom April 1-5 2019 several working groups of the core research area KiNSIS presented their projects at the Hannover Messe. The international audience from industry, science and politics showed great interest in the exhibits and talks of seven projects from nano science. At the booth of Kiel University, hall 2, research and technology, the scientists gave an insight into current application orientated in the field of energy, coating and joining technologies and life sciences. 

All projects at the booth of Kiel University

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