Kiel Nano, Surface and Interface Science (KiNSIS)

Kolloquiumsvortrag: From Ions to Electrons - Physical Models of Brain Circuits

29.04.2014 von 17:00 bis 18:30

Kiel, Leibnizstraße 13, Hans-Geiger-Hörsaal

Prof. Dr. Karlheinz Meier
(Kirchhoff-Institut für Physik, Universität Heidelberg)

From Ions to Electrons - Physical Models of Brain Circuits
The human brain is a universe of 100 billion cells interacting through a constantly changing network of 1000 trillion synaptic connections. It runs on a power budget of 20 Watts and stores a rather complete mod-el of our physical world. Understanding fundamental principles of the brain is among the key challenges for science. Traditional simulation approaches are mostly hindered by a huge energy gap of 14 orders of magnitude between supercomputer simulations and biological reality. In the lecture we will discuss our approach to build physical models of the brain as a tool for experimental tests of theories that attempt to de-scribe the storage and processing of information in the brain. The lec-ture will focus on the method and recent results but also provide a short introduction to the work currently under way in the EU Human Brain Flagship Project.

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