Kiel Nano, Surface and Interface Science (KiNSIS)

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Holger Kersten

Leibnizstraße 19, R. LS 19/17a
Phone: +49 431 880-3872
Telefax: +49 431 880-3809

Institute of Experimental and Applied Physics
Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences


Principal Investigator CRC TRR24
Subproject B4 "Micro-particles as plasma probes"
Subproject B13 "Plasma processes for the desposition of nanostructured composite materials"
Subproject B15 "Investigation of nucleation and growth of nanoparticles in plasmas"


»Plasma processes are applied in many areas for the deposition and modification of nano composites and nano structured layers. To improve these processes, which mostly take place far from the equilibrium, and to adjust them to the desired surface properties, many special diagnostic methods are required. Next to conventional methods (spectroscopy, electrostatic probes, mass spectrometry, etc.) we use nonconventional diagnostics (like calorimetric probes and force probes) for the investigation of plasma-wall interaction.«

Holger Kersten. Since February 2006 Professor for Experimental Physics. Prior to that head of the plasma processing technology department at the Leibniz Institute for Plasma Research and Technology (INP) in Greifswald. Before that assistant at the Institute for Physics at Greifswald University. Habilitation in 2000.

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  • 17:15: A Laser in a living Cell - Celluar scale photonics for optical sensing, traking and manipulation (Malte Gather)
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  • 17:15: Multiphase Induction Motor Drives (Prof. Braz Cardoso, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brasilien)
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  • 16:15: Dr. Andreas Dorsel (Zeiss SMT, Oberkochen)
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  • 17:15: Ferroelectric Hafnium and Zirconium Oxide: Enables for New Device Concepts (Dr. Uwe Schröder, Namlab Dresden)
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  • 11:00: Workshop "Nanotechnology in Bremen" by NINa and Fraunhofer IFAM
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  • 16:15: Prof. Dr. Andreas Eckart (Universität zu Köln)
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