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Didactics of Chemistry
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»Nano research offers not only motivating questions for the promotion of interests and talent in school and extracurricular contexts, but also new approaches to basic concepts of the natural sciences. How can we explain a material’s properties on the basis of its structure? Which new investigation methods provide insights into “unknown worlds”? My goal is, in close cooperation with specialist scientists, to design curricula for classes, additional programmes at schools like the “simulation game science”, extracurricular learning in the “Kiel research workshop” as well as teacher training and to test them on their learning efficacy.«

Ilka Parchmann is a grammar school teacher for biology and chemistry. She earned her doctorate and habilitation in chemistry didactics. At the Leibniz Institute for Science and Mathematics Education (IPN) she is the head of the research areas about the development of teaching and the promotion of talent through school and extracurricular learning programmes. Parchmann is editor of two scientific magazines and is the chairwoman of a national (GDCP) and an international  (EuCheMS div.chem.ed.) professional association on chemistry didactics.


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  • 16:15: Inaugural Lecture: Electronic-structure theory of two-dimensional quantum materials: from fundamental interactions to novel emergent phenomena (Prof. Fabio Caruso, ITAP, CAU)
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  • 16:15: Nonequilibrium dynamical mean field theory (Prof. Philipp Werner, Uni Fribourg, CH)
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  • 14:00: Corona Vaccine - Impact of Nanotechnology - Free-Access-Online-Symposium
  • 16:15: Structure and Dynamics with Ultrafast Electron Microscopes: Moving Beyond the Molecular Movie (Prof. Bradley J. Siwick, McGill University Montreal)
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  • 14:00: KiNSIS General Assembly
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