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"To investigate fundamental phenomenons in plasmas and to develop new diagnostics are, besides having fun in training young academics, the core motivation of my research activities. After completing my diploma and PhD (Particle-in-Cell-Simulations of instabilities and nonlinear dynamics of low-pressure discharges) at Kiel University, I worked in the development of high resolution imaging of active sonar systems. In 1995 I returned to CAU and have since worked on magnetized plasmas. Since 2005, when the Collaborative Research Center TR24 – Greifswald-Kiel was established, I have been researching in the area of dusty plasmas. Currently, I am focusing on nano dusty plasmas in up to four Tesla strong magnetic fields. a:C-H dust particles are created plasma chemically in argon acetylene plasmas. To investigate nano dust in situ in the plasma is a very challenging task.”


Franko Greiner. Since 1983 member of Kiel University (with short intermission in 1995). 1994 PhD at Kiel University, since 1995 research associate at the atomic and plasma physics department at the Institute of Experimental and Applied Physics.

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