Kiel Nano, Surface and Interface Science (KiNSIS)


Diels-Planck-Lecture 2017 "Bioactive Materials and Biofabrication for Regenerating Tissues: Progress and Challenges" (A.R. Boccaccini)

07.06.2017 ab 18:30

Atlantic Hotel, Raiffeisenstraße 2, 24103 Kiel


The development of multifunctional bioactive materials for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine will be discussed, summarizing the progress made and the remaining challenges for the future. The focus will be on bioactive glasses and their composites in combination with biodegradable polymers. A comprehensive overview about 3D scaffolds will be presented and key results on the development of (nanostructured) polymer-bioactive glass composite scaffolds will be discussed. Novel approaches involving the coating and infiltration of inorganic scaffolds by biodegradable polymers containing functionalized nanoscale particles or nanofibres for in-situ drug delivery will be introduced, as an attractive concept to merge tissue engineering and drug delivery approaches. To highligth the important advantage of bioactive glasses in comparison with other biomaterials, we will discuss how specific glass compositions doped with bioinorganics (biologically active ions) can induce favourable cell behaviour in relation to osteogenesis and angiogenesis. In this context, the vascularisation potential of a new family of bioactive scaffolds incorporating and releasing such metallic ions will be discussed and the current challenge in the field, e.g. the development of vascularised tissues, will be demonstrated based on recent in vivo results. Areas of future research in the field of biomaterials for engineering (complex) tissue interfaces, e.g. osteochondral defects, and for wound healing and soft tissue regeneration will be discussed introducing the concept of cell encapsulation and biofabrication (processing with cells in bioinks). Finally, the author’s views about the challenges ahead will be presented, focusing on open issues that must be tackled to translate current laboraory based tissue engineering approaches to clinical settings.

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