Kiel Nano, Surface and Interface Science (KiNSIS)

KiNSIS-Kolloquium: Network Dynamics and Dynamical Networks (Philipp Hövel, University College Cork)

03.02.2021 von 14:00 bis 15:00

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KiNSIS LogoPhilipp Hövel, University College Cork, School of Mathematical Sciences, Mercator fellow im SFB 1461 "Neurotronics"

Networks are everywhere. From the social networks both online and offline, distant and close connections to interactions and wiring in the brain, nearly any problem can be transferred to a network science embedding. The key idea is to define appropriate
nodes and links that form the network. In addition, many processes can be modeled by (nonlinear) dynamical systems to investigate questions of stability, switching, fixed points, periodic orbits etc. Combining networks with dynamics provides powerful synergies to describe complex systems that consist of many interacting units. Further extensions are possible as well, if the local node dynamics have an impact on the structure of the underlying network.
In my presentation, I will summarize core aspects of dynamics on and of networks along the lines of selected examples and will demonstrate how the universal and combined power of network science and nonlinear dynamics can be unleashed.

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Achtung, geänderte Uhrzeit! Der Vortrag findet diesmal um 14:00 Uhr (nicht 12:00 Uhr) statt. 

Das KiNSIS-Kolloquium findet jeweils am ersten Mittwoch im Monat um 12:00 Uhr statt. Wenn Sie ein Thema vorstellen möchten, das für andere KiNSIS-Mitglieder interessant sein könnte, melden Sie sich bei Julia Jedtberg – wir freuen uns über eine breite Beteiligung aus allen Fachgebieten.

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